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Referred for Good Reason

People look to ATTENDANTS home-watch services for many individual reasons but the underlying messages are consistent.

The peace of mind knowing my home is in the care of a reliable and trusted professional service that will help protect my home from loss or damage and deal with urgent issues when l am away.

Feedback always appreciated:

House statue with keys

“I want to know my place is being looked after and l am not coming home to a unpleasant surprise.”

DB Burlington

“My home is very visible and its easy to see when no one is home. I like the lived-in look that ATTENDANTS provide.”

PM Niagara-on-the-Lake


VN Mississauga

“It a great service at a reasonable price, keep up the good work guys”

BH Toronto

“ Our area gets a ton of flyers and being exposed we are a like a bill board that says  "Hey we are away". I feel better knowing our home is in good hands. Thanks ATTENDANTS.”

SB Toronto

“We have an old home with radiators and this time we were able to leave our cats at home during our trip. Next trip we will be calling on you again.”

JS Niagara-on-the-Lake

"Where l live in Ward 6 there has been a recent spike in break-ins. I have a home-office business and travel often and at short notice. This is a great solution for me."  

SB Oakville

"I travel often and started to use ATTENDANTS after our previous person retired. I like that they are reliable, thorough and for me the big one is they are always available."

HM Burlington

What's your reason?