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Petwatch Services

There's no place like home.

When you are away, having your dog or cat remain in the comfort of their own home environment may prove to be a less stressful and preferred option for them. Even a car ride or being placed in a cage can sometimes be distressing. With ATTENDANTS, your pet will be able to stay at home and keep to his or her regular routines for feeding, exercise, play and bathroom times.

There are no requirements for you to drop-off and pick-up, meet the business hours of the kennels or worry about “no room at the inn” during peak travel times. Sometime close exposure to other animals can result in sickness or parasites when this risk can be avoided with a stay at home option.

With some limitations, we look after most household pets including dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters etc.. This may be for a day a weekend or cover a vacation period. Service is provided only when it is appropriate, safe and all parties are comfortable with the arrangement.

Our services are flexible and dependent on your needs and the interests of the “cared for” party. The frequency, times and duration of our visits can be set-up accordingly. We spend the time needed with your pet, which can vary depending on the animal and its normal routines.

A cat may require only 1-2 daily visits when a dog, depending on age and activity level, may require 3 or more visits. Our optional "guest room" sleep over program provides overnight coverage and works well for extended trips. This is subject to availability and pre-booking.

ATTENDANTS offer a reliable alternative without burdening friends, family or neighbours. We are pet lovers too and have the experience and trained back-up support to ensure your pet remains cared for in good hands when you are away.

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Let ATTENDANTS customize a program for you.