Don't make your empty home a burdern to family or friends

Home-watch Services

ATTENDANTS provide an extensive range of services that are fully customizable to your unique requirements. We maintain a profile with contact information, access codes and preferred suppliers for every customer. Security and custody procedures are in effect to protect your keys, codes and information.

Couple looking at a tablet with an agentOur core pre-scheduled service provides an interior and exterior inspection of your home, and contributes to creating a lived-in look and efficient energy usage. Our service also can help satisfy the requirements of insurance companies related to the coverage conditions applicable to vacant property (see your policy for details).

As part of every visit we go through an extensive check-list and complete an E-Report and as required either undertake or propose any remedial action for your approval. Problems identified early are typically much less costly to correct. As the old adage goes “a stich in time saves nine.”


Hand holding a magnifying glass up to a small house modelOur (100+) point inspection covers the interior and exterior of your home. This includes points of entry (doors and windows), HVAC temperature and settings, accessible plumbing, electrical panel, key appliances, safety equipment, sump pump, mail, flyers and debris removal. Adjustments are made to window coverings, lighting timers, radio on/off etc, the list goes on...


Vehicles don’t do well standing idle for long periods, tire flat spots, leaks or dead batteries can easily occur. We provide a check for signs of break-in damage or leaking fluids. We can take your car for a periodic warm-up drive, simply run the engine for (10) minutes or trickle charge the battery. Periodically moving vehicles that remain on your property also contribute to creating that “lived-in” look to your home.


Depending on the duration of your trip, allowing your pet to stay in their familiar surroundings and routine has its advantages. Have us take care of feeding and attending to the needs of small Woman in orange shirt crossing her armsanimals, dogs, cats, fish, birds etc. Some restrictions apply.


All incoming mail will be brought in. If required, this can by logged by the sender name identified on the envelope and date received. We can handle a sort or selection for forwarding by mail or courier in accordance with your instructions. We also pick up mail from the post office or parcels from the courier office in the event of a delivery notice being received.

Priority Response-Service

Bad weather in the forecast, the alarm system triggered, or other concern we provide additional un-scheduled call out services to respond to more immediate needs for home-watch customers.