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Questions to Ask

Why use a home-watch service?

Unseen person forcing open a door with a crowbarVacant property is always a concern. So much can happen and damage can be compounded when no one is aware of a problem for an extended period. A small leak for example can escalate in to thousands of dollar in loses. These risks can be potentially avoided by a home-watch service. It is important to note we are not a security firm or guard service, we simply act as an agent for you as the homeowner in your absence. You can rest assured that a level of protection is in place while you travel.

Who needs home-watch?

Our services are designed to support seasonal residents with vacation homes, vacationers, week-enders, frequent travellers, people on the go and private owners of vacant property. We also represent owners of corporate owned properties, homes vacant due to corporate relocations as well as realtor listed or bank owned properties.

Who would service my home?

Woman relaxing on a beachService would be provided and/or overseen by one of the founders of the company. Support team members would typically be a hand picked, professional, retired or semi-retired person for example. Our pre-requisites in this area include meeting the requirements of a police check and being bondable. A good knowledge of a home’s operating systems, and familiarity with potential problems related to vacant property is also essential. Outside of this we look for integrity, reliability and professionalism.

How often do you visit my home?

That is entirely up to you. Our services are customized to your requirements. We can provide service anywhere from multiple times a day to once a month. In determining the frequency we recommend you check the terms of your insurance and assess other considerations. A large home may require a daily visit and a condominium owner may select every (72) hours for example.

What do you charge?

Depending on the zone you are, in home-watch prices start as low as $21.95 for interior/exterior service on a single family home. Factors that go into pricing include the type of property, location, frequency of visit and the services that will be performed. Please contact us by phone or email for a firm quotation based on your requirements.

What about insurance?

You should be well covered. We are acting as your agent and your homeowner policy of course remains your primary coverage in the event of damage or loss. In addition, ATTENDANTS maintain a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability insurance as well as fidelity bonds.

Hands holding a small house modelDo l have to sign a contract?

Yes, for your protection and ours an agreement is signed by both parties outlining what services will be provided, when and at what cost. If your travel plans do change the agreement can be terminated with (72) hours notice and any prepaid visits will be credited back to you. No long terms contracts are necessary, this is pay as you go service.

How do we get started? Simple, go to our getting started page, call us at (905) 464-1925 or e-mail us at